Welcome to Murdo Frazer Golf Course


Murdo Frazer is OPEN TODAY

Conditions are getting better slowly…

Holes two and six are the worst drainage points on the golf course.

All in all it’s pretty good out there given the spring we’ve had.

They say the Inuit have dozens of words for snow…
Are we missing the boat? Are we going to need the boat that we might be missing??
As west coasters, I move that we get going on our list of words for rain. Why shouldn’t we rival the mighty Inuit and show them they aren’t the only imiganitive ones when it comes to talking about their most prevalent element?

Since the course is wet again today due to the effects of all the seemingly endless rain, we all have a bit of extra time to work on rain words… send your words for rain to me (ian)at the website (murdofrazer.com) and I’ll post them… I will decide who is the most imaginative and award them some free golf. There are prizes for second and third as well… I’m sure you can figure out my email address but you can use the contact page as well…

George L sent in “Rainshine”
Taylor C calls it ‘ Vitamin D repellent!’
Mary sent ‘liquid sun’
Helen sent ‘angel tears’
Bob sent ‘grow juice’ but he’s from West Vancouver…!
And Judy, also from West Van, this is a family site!! Hers was remarkably similar to Helen’s just a different, and much less appealing fluid…

Come on, gang! Keep them coming

We will try the golf thing again tomorrow at 9:00am.

In other news…

2017 welcomes my beautiful wife, Terry to the Murd Herd. Terry will be working predominantly in the pro shop this year but she is not afraid to push a mower, she says….

We’ll see…

There are no changes to our pricing this season.

Here are our 2017 rates.

Juniors (under 16) and Seniors (65) can play for $7.50 while the Adult fee is $10.00. On weekends and holidays everyone pays the Adult rate of $10.00. All taxes are included in this rate.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we have ladies club until 10:30am. We open to the public after that. If you are interested in joining the ladies club click on the link above to be connected directly to one of the captains…

The course is in winter condition… we have some spotty winter kill areas on the greens and the fairways are wet.

Please go to the contact page or email me by my first name at this website if you want to book lessons for your kids or to book tournaments..

See you soon!

PS. Long range forecast is golf with intermittent giggles!

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