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Pitch and Putt, Par 3 Golf

Pitch and Putt - Par 3 Golf

Pitch and putt is a golf sport that began its popularity in Ireland in the early 1940′s.

It started more as a recreational activity than a serious game. At that time, golf was considered a man’s sport and many of the golf courses were open only to men. In an effort to attract tourists to resorts smaller courses began appearing. Even some of the larger estates in Florida and on the west coast were building pitch and putt courses for personal use. The game focused more on accuracy than force and because of this, it became popular with women and children as well as seasoned golfers wishing to improve their skills on the short strokes.

FIPPA - International Federation of Pitch and Putt

Since then, and especially over the past few years pitch and putt has gained great popularity. In March, 2006 the FIPPA (Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations) was formed consisting of representatives from 17 European regions who signed an agreement delegating the FIPPA as the international governing body. An official set of rules was drafted (maximum distance 100 yards, maximum 3 clubs) and the sport became official.

EPPA - European Pitch and Putt Association IPPA - International Pitch and Putt Association Pitch and putt is the fastest growing area of golf in the world. In the few short years since 2006 hundreds of courses have opened around the world and international competitions are organized by three governing bodies, the EPPA (European Pitch and Putt Association), the FIPPA (Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations), and the IPPA (International Pitch and Putt Association). Today, more people are enjoying golf than ever before and children are starting to learn the game at a much younger age.

World Wide Pitch and Putt

What follows is the most detailed data on world wide pitch and putt available on the internet. It took many hours to build and it takes many hours to maintain. Feel free to link to it or print it out but do not copy it for reproduction elsewhere on the internet. It requires continuous monitoring and updating and we do not wish the contact information provided here to be spread around the internet.

The world map at the top shows the countries/regions around the world involved in pitch and putt and the international body/bodies under which they are governed. The green regions show countries that founded the EPPA which later became the FIPPA, so most of these countries are members of both and these are the countries that got the ball rolling (so to speak).

The table below the map shows the details for each pitch and putt association around the world. It shows the association name, their acronym, when they were founded, their official language, and any associations they belong to. It also provides a link to their web site (if one exists) and contact information (including eMail links) for them. The notes are remarks on anything outstanding about these pitch and putt groups.

World Pitch and Putt Accociations - Map
Acronym Association Flag Country Official Languages Web Site Representative Founded Member of Notes
EPPA European Pitch and Putt Association International Pitch and Putt Association International English EPPA Martin Whitelaw, Secretary February 2000   Notes: First international body representing pitch and putt associations. Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. President is Mervyn Cooney (Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland).
FIPPA Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations International Pitch and Putt Association International English FIPPA Secretariat
Victor Moscatel, Vice President
Michael Murphy, Board Member
March 2006   Notes:
(FIPPA) is the governing body for the Pitch and putt in the world.[2]
In 2009, Association Française de Pitch and Putt (France), Federazione Italiana de Pitch and Putt (Italy), Federazione Sanmarinese Pitch and Putt (San Marino) and Dansk Pitch and Putt Union (Denmark) vacate their membership of FIPPA, after the creation of another international association, IPPA.[3]
IPPA International Pitch and Putt Associations International Pitch and Putt Association International English IPPA Robert Uggla, Secretary General
John Hudson, President
May 16, 2009   Notes:
In 2009 EPPA and FIPPA board members voted that dual membership of EPPA/FIPPA and IPPA would not be allowed.[3]
AGF Albanian Golf Federation Albania Flag Albania Albanian AGF eMail AGF   IPPA Notes
AAPP Associació Andorrana de Pitch and Putt Andorra flag Andorra Catalan, Spanish, Occitan Andorra Golf   2007 FIPPA, EPPA Notes
APPA Australian Pitch and Putt Association Flag of Australia Australia English, Aboriginal languages APPA Administrator 1st game 2006 FIPPA Notes
BPPA ? Belgium Pitch and Putt Association Belgium Flag Belgium Flemish (Dutch), French, German No Web Site Matthieu Donadieu, Manager 2008 FIPPA Notes
CPPA Canadian Pitch and Putt Association Canada Flag Canada English, French CPPA eMail CPPA 2008 FIPPA Notes
ACPP FCPP Federació Catalana de Pitch and putt Catalonia Flag Catalonia, Spain Catalan FCPP secretaria ACPP 80′s EPPA, FIPPA Notes
FCPP Federación Chilena de Pitch and Putt Chile Flag Chile Spanish No Web Site Juan Morán, Manager 2006 FIPPA Notes
CPPA ? China Pitch and Putt Association Flag of China China Chinese No Web Site   2010 FIPPA Notes
DPPU Dansk Pitch and Putt Union Danish flag Denmark Danish DPPU eMail DPPU 2006 IPPA Notes
EPP English Pitch and Putt Flag of England England English No Web Site Nick Fromings   IPPA Notes
FPP (AFPP) Association Française de Pitch and Putt Flag of France France French FPP John Hudson, Administrator 1999 IPPA Notes
DPPV Deutscher Pitch & Putt Verband Flag of Germay Germany German DPPV Sven Göth (VP), Max Hergt (President) 2008 EPPA, FIPPA Notes
BPPA British Pitch and Putt Association Flag of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Great Britan English BPPA Pat Jackson, secretary 1996 EPPA, FIPPA Notes:
2001 – British Pitch & Putt Union name changed to British Pitch and Putt Association.
IPPU Indian Pitch and Putt Union Flag of India India Hindi, English, Panjabi IPPU Rakesh Purohit 2011 IPPA Notes
PPUI The Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland Flag of Ireland Ireland Irish, English PPUI Michael Murphy, Office Administrator June 1960 EPPA, FIPPA Notes
FIP&P Federazione Italiana Pitch and Putt Flag of Italy Italy Italian FIPP Carlo Farioli, President (check site first)
Carlo Farioli, vice president IPPA
1998 IPPA Notes:
On 2011-03-24, the domain name expired
as of 2011-04-06, the domain name status is ‘pending deletion’
KSGA South Korea P&P Association Flag of South Korea Korea (South) Korean No Web Site   2011 FIPPA Notes
NPPB Nederlandse Pitch & Putt Bond Flag - Kingdom of the Netherlands Netherlands, Holland Dutch, Frysian NPPB   2000 EPPA, FIPPA Notes
NPPF Norges Pitch & Putt Forbund (NPPF) Norway's flag Norway Norwegian, small amount of Lapp and Finnish NPPF eMail NPPF June 2004 EPPA, FIPPA Notes
FPG Portuguese Golf Federation Flag of Portugal Portugal Portuguese No Web Site Fernando Fragoso 2010 IPPA Notes
FSPP (FSMPP) Federazione Sanmarinese Pitch and Putt Flag of San Marino San Marino Italian   Elia Casalie 1st game 2003 IPPA Notes:
In 2009, vacated their membership of FIPPA and EPPA and joined another international association, IPPA.[3]
RFEG Real Federación Española de Golf Spain's Flag Spain Spanish, Basque, Galician, Catalan RFEG eMail RFEG   IPPA Notes
ASPP Association Suisse de Pitch and Putt Flag of Switzerland Switzerland French, German, Italian, Romansch ASPP’s Web Site eMail ASPP 2010 IPPA Notes
SPPA Scweizerischen Pitch and Putt Verband Flag of Switzerland Switzerland French, German, Italian, Romansch SPPA eMail SPPA 1st Game 2004 EPPA, FIPPA Notes
USPPA US Pitch and Putt Association US Flag USA English No Web Site John Hoover 2008 FIPPA Notes
IFIUS World Interuniversity Games World Interuniversity Games (IFIUS) International English IFIUS Stephane Stiévenart 1998 / 2010 IPPA Notes
Disclaimer: Although the information above is believed to be current and accurate to the to the best of our ability this is not an official document. The individual associations themselves are the only official source for information on that governing body. This data is intended only to reflect the total picture of pitch and putt around the world and not the activity of any single associations. The trademarks and logos used here are the property of the pitch and putt associations and using them here does not imply an endorsement, association, affiliation, or any other relationship with anyone. It is intended for informational purposes only.

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