Ladies: Pitching in the Rough

On the golf course, if you hit an inaccurate shot your ball may end up in the rough off the fairway. These are especially hard shots to make because the height of the grass surrounding the ball may cause it to interfere with your swing. Tall or thick grass can cause anything from bad contact to poor distance control.

To minimize the effects of the grass, hit the ball downward at a sharper angle and use plenty of power to ensure you get to the green or at least back onto the fairway. Don’t be afraid to swing the golf club too hard, an under-powered stroke will result in a bad shot more often than an over-powered stroke. If the ball is buried deep in the rough, it may be necessary to treat it like a bunker shot striking the ground behind the ball rather than the ball itself.

In this video, golf expert Jay Golden’s lady golf student of three weeks (Amy) demonstrates pitching in the rough.

Notice the choppier style swing Amy makes to account for the surrounding growth.

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