Ladies Chip Shots

Ladies Golf: Chip Shot

A chip shot is played when the ball is within a few yards of the green. It’s intention is to lift the ball up and over the rough grass and after landing on the green, rolling towards the hole. The ball is in the air for a very short time and spends most of it’s time rolling towards the hole.

Chip shots are usually played with a 6, 7, 8, or 9 iron or a pitching wedge. Although similar in trajectory to a pitch shot, chip shots have much less vertical force and more horizontal force to cause more rolling. Pitch shots have a much higher trajectory with the ball spending most of it’s time in the air and rolling very little after landing. Chip shots spend very little time in the air and most of their time rolling.

Golf Terms

The green is the smooth surface (intended for putting) surrounding golf holes.

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