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Some History of Ladies Golf…

In the April 2009 issue of Golf Today Magazine a report was published by Golf Datatech (an independent golf trends research firm) revealing the results of their first Woman’s Golf Market Study completed in November 2008.

For the study, over 1000 female golfers playing a minimum of 12 rounds a year were surveyed regarding their golfing habits and perceptions. Of these, the majority cited cost, time, and family constraints as reasons for not playing more golf. Beyond those reasons, almost one in three ladies considered most golf courses “a very male oriented place”, inhibiting them from enjoying more golf.

GOLF = Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden

While the success of the LPGA proves women are in golf to stay, the recent growth in Pitch and Putt provides yet another opportunity for women to enter the sport. Unlike regular ladies golf; the holes are not 300 or more yards away (all holes are 100 yards or less), it doesn’t cost a fortune in equipment and green fees (from only $5.50/round for seniors), and a nine hole round can be played in an hour.

Pitch and Putt puts women on a level playing field with men. Even children as young as four or five years old can enjoy golfing. In Pitch and Putt, it’s not the force behind the stroke that makes winners, its the accuracy.

In 1944, W.A. Collins established the Irish Amateur Pitch and Putt Union (now the PPUI) and opened the first Pitch and Putt course. The first Irish Ladies Matchplay Championship “Elvery Cup” was played on the Woodvale course in Cork in July, 1946. The results were: Mrs. A Canty (Woodvale) winning the 1st Irish Championship with Mrs. T. Magahy (Altona) runner-up. Mrs. Magahy was to win the title the following year. To this day, the PPUI still holds this event regularly.

Murdo Frazer Ladies Golf Club

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning throughout the season, the
Murdo Frazer Golf Course is reserved for our Ladies Golf Club. These ladies
have discovered that Pitch and Putt is an excellent way to:
  • Enjoy the fresh air in a park like atmosphere
  • Lose weight and gain endurance
  • Reap the benefits of low-stress excercise
  • Meet and chat with other ladies in the community
  • Enjoy a challenging game that easily improves with practice
  • Get away from the drudgery of daily life
The ladies golf club is open to all ladies to join. All you have to bring is your enthusiasm. If you would like to become a part of the Murdo Frazer Ladies Golf Club we’d love to see you out there.

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