Pitch and Putt Golf Clubs

The Clubs of Choice for Pitch and Putt

Pitch and Putt Clubs

Pitch and Putt distances are usually between 80 to 120 yards. Hazards wait for you at every corner. This game relies on accuracy more than strength.

The Pitching Wedge may be the only iron you need. With a full swing, a golfer can get from 90 to 120+ yards. By adjusting speed and backswing, golfers can control their distance.

A chip shot with a pitching wedge will give a distance of about 25 to 40 yards.

In the rough near the green, a golfer can use a putting stroke with their pitching wedge to bump and roll the ball to the hole. This stroke will get you out of the rough to the green from 10 to 25 yards.

Some golfers state an 8-iron is the club of choice. Many arguments have been started over the great debate … “Do I use a 7, 8 or 9 iron for Pitch and Putt?”. Distances achieved with these irons will vary between players. One thing is unanimous between players, any smaller a numbered iron will go too long for pitch and putt.

Of course all golfers need a putter. One of the main reasons for playing Pitch and Putt is to work on one’s putting. Pitch and Putt greens are often smaller than ones at a regulation size golf course, but they often hold more surprises. Breaks and slopes will challenge your putting on every hole.

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