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In golf, the proper equipment will make a significant difference in your game. It is easy to become confused with all the factors that go into making various clubs. Start with some research to familiarize yourself with all the options available. The next most important step (and never skip this one) is consult a golf pro for a proper measuring. They will fit clubs to you, your swing, and your budget.

Clubs in your bag should include Woods, Wedges, Irons, and Putters. You can carry a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag, so ensure you some of each type.

Let’s examine the parts of the golf club and the options available.

The Grip

The feel of the grip is of paramount importance. Make sure the grip is not irritating in your hands. The tactical qualities of the material you choose will determine the comfort and strength of your hold. Grips come as rubber slip-on grips and synthetic wrap-on cords. Shapes vary from almost straight to a flame shape pattern. Tape can be stiff to soft rubber or multi-compound material. Finish can be smooth, ribbed, perforated surfaces, dog bone texture. etc.

The point is, with all these options, there is the perfect grip for your swing.

Size: Proper sized grip allows the fingers on the golfer’s top hand to barely touch the palm. Sizes range from Jumbo to Undersized. The inside diameter is usually rated at .58 or .60 to fit standard shaft sizes.

Rounded GripRibbed or Round:
Ribbed grips have ridges running down the shaft aligned to the club. This helps remind golfers of the proper hand alignment when addressing the ball. — Round grips have no ridges.

Corded GripCorded grip: Corded grip is cloth cords wrapped on the grip. This helps take away moisture away from the grip surface. This provides the best grip for golfers with sweaty hands, or in wet golfing conditions. Important to note, many beginner golfers find the grip uncomfortable usually because they tend to grip too hard or tightly.

Weight: The weight you choose depends on your golf swing. A light grip makes the club head seem lighter. This gives better momentum for a heavier, faster swinger. A heavy grip even out the weight of the club making the head seem lighter therefore better for a golfer with a slower swing.

Most golfers will re-grip their clubs every season. This means as your golf swing improves and changes, you can adjust your grips to suit your golf swing.

The Shaft

golf club shafts

The material you choose will determine the weight and flexibility of the club. These factors in turn control the accuracy and forgiveness of the club. You can choose graphite or steel shafts.

Graphite: For most beginners, elderly, children and lady golfers, a lighter shaft is preferable. This group of golfers will benefit from a lighter club allowing them to increase speed of their swing. A more flexible club is also very beneficial. Vibrations generated by poor shots, or miss hits are distributed along the shaft. This means less sting to the golfers hands and body.

Steel: Moderate and advanced players prefer steel shafts. This heavier, stiffer club provides more direct feel to the players hands. Experienced golfers use “the feel” to correct their swing and increase accuracy.

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