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Course Map - Murdo Frazer Golf Course

A Murdo Frazer walk-thru by “The Pro”

After playing Murdo Frazer almost daily for over 10 years our course pro “Ian Cruse” finally reveals his secrets to playing Murdo Frazer Golf. Ian was a little reluctant at first having the course record “Low Score” and wanting to keep it, but we finally convinced him to pass his secrets on to the next generation of golfers. So here it is, the best way to play every hole at Murdo Frazer.

Hole # 1
As a general rule at Murdo Frazer we say “If you’re going to be wrong don’t be long!” . This is very true on the first. Shots that go long here go down into “The Valley of Sin” and getting up and down becomes a chore.
Hole #2
Again don’t miss long because there is water lurking just behind the green. Watch out on your right as well on this tricky hole because many a ball has been lost in hackers forest!
Hole #3
Arguably the hardest hole on the course. This devilish 35 yard’er plays from an elevated tee making gauging one’s power a test. Don’t miss or you’ll be swimming with the frogs!
Hole #4
Now that we’ve worked on your water avoiding skills we’re going to test your ability to control your trajectory. The shot calls for a slight punch shot to avoid hanging branches. Don’t miss right – forest. Don’t miss left – water. Don’t miss long – tough chip. Let’s simplify – Don’t miss!
Hole # 5
OK, you’ve tried a gentle punch – now get ready for the real thing. Any ball hit without a proper punch will pound straight into the vine maples overhanging the fairway bringing double bogey into play.
Hole #6
Another tough one. You have entered the start of “Amen Corner”. If you’ve got a good score up until now, hang on to your hats because the next three holes can eat your lunch! Miss right and you need to be a mountain goat to hit your second. Miss left and you need your hip waders to play your second! You guessed it – don’t miss!
Hole #7
The Road Hole. Miss one more than twenty feet to the right and you get to reload. The fence marks out of bounds. There is no worse shot in golf nor worse sound than the sound of your ball bouncing off the pavement. Stay straight -stay green!
Hole #8
Finally the end of “Amen Corner”. This is a pretty straight forward shot – but don’t forget to factor in the hill on your tee shot.
Hole #9
I think this is the easiest hole. Unless, of course, you go long. Balls that go long on this hole face the hardest up and down on the course. We’ve never kept stats on this but I’d bet less than one in ten people get it up and down from over this green. Good luck!

Your Murdo Frazer Pitch and Putt Strategy

  1. Have a look at the course map at the top of this page.
  2. Read over the tips for each hole.
  3. Come out to Murdo Frazer, and have some fun.

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